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KORDA Zig Rigs

KORDA Zig Rigs

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These ready-tied zig rigs are incredibly convenient and have been tied to exacting standards, so that they are as good as anything that you can tie yourself!These Ready Zigs are great for anyone who is new to zig fishing, or for people who prefer the convenience of just being able to unwind the correct length of zig from the EVA spool which they come supplied on, and then wind it back on at the end of the session if the hook is still sharp.

There are four different lengths available to cover different situation – 12ft, 10ft, 8ft, and 6ft – and all are tied using a size 10 Mixa hook to 8lb line, with a loop at the other end for each attachment to a QC Swivel or similar. Each EVA spool also comes with three different coloured foam hook baits fitted into it, so you have everything you need to be ready to cast out! Each Spool contains three zig rigs in either barbed or barbless.

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