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KORUM Grappler Hair Rigs - 4" Barbed

KORUM Grappler Hair Rigs - 4" Barbed

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Introducing the Korum Fishing Grappler Hair Rigs 15inch. Whether you're an experienced angler or a relative newcomer to the sport, these rigs will give you both the assurance and the confidence to take on those big fish.

Specifically designed with larger sized fish in mind, where increased line diameters, super-strong Supersteel Grappler hooks and highly abrasion resistant Korum line make it an incredibly reliable solution. For maximum convenience when out on the water these rigs feature strong loop knots for quick rig changes while they are available in four and fifteen inch lengths with barbed and barbless options too.

Whatever challenge your next fishing trip sets you having this advanced hair rigging solution from Korum firmly in your tackle box will deliver you the peace of mind that comes from consistent results every time.

  • Designed to provide stronger hair rigs when fishing for bigger fish
  • Increased line diameters
  • Powerful Supersteel Grappler hook provide the perfect big fish hair rig
  • Korum Supersteel Grappler hook
  • Highly abrasion resistant Korum line
  • Strong loop knots for quick rig changes
  • Available in 4 and 15 inch lengths
  • Barbed and Barbless options
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