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KORUM Compact Recovery Sling

KORUM Compact Recovery Sling

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The Korum Compact Recovery Sling, is multi-purposeful, offering a place for short term retention of a fish in a safe environment whilst also an option used for weighing fish.

The weigh sling is extremely portable as it is made using a super soft mesh material, making it not only light but an extremely fish-friendly material against the delicate scales of carp.

By turning the floatation aids through 90 degrees and using a latex mesh at the top and in the base, this holds the sling's frame open, to avoid damaging the fish inside and making accessible a lot easier. This is convenient for lone anglers that will already have their hands full.

If that was not enough, the Korum sling packs away into a small waterproof bag and includes an integral heavy duty sack cord.

  • Shaped to house and fully support fish centrally during retention and weighing
  • Top mesh panel allows you to view fish at all times
  • Reinforced stitching on all pressure points
  • Heavy duty sack cord supplied in an external pocket
  • Super soft mesh sides for better water drainage and accurate weighing
  • Double weigh handles with centre locating loops
  • Supplied in compact stink bag
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