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KORUM Digital Scales

KORUM Digital Scales

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Designed to weigh and hold fish up to 85lb (40kg), these versatile scales are ideal for any fish you may encounter in UK waters. The easy-to-read digital display screen ensures clear weight readings, even in low-light conditions or during night-time sessions. For complete accuracy, the Korum Fishing Scales also feature a zero function, allowing you to weigh your catch with confidence and precision.

When it comes to practicality, these scales are unbeatable. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable and secure handling, while the 9V battery (included) powers the unit for countless hours of fishing. The scales even read air temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, making them an indispensable tool for monitoring fishing conditions. Furthermore, the included neoprene carry case protects the scales and ensures they fit neatly into your seatbox or tackle bag.

Korum's dedication to the angling community is evident in their involvement with the Countryside Alliance's I Love Fishing campaign, which aims to inspire and educate the next generation of anglers. With a mission to "make fishing tackle easy", Korum focuses on creating user-friendly, practical, and appealing products for anglers of all experience levels.

The Korum Fishing Scales are a prime example of this commitment, offering a seamless and enjoyable weighing experience for both novice and seasoned anglers. Whether you're weighing your first catch or tracking the progress of your angling adventures, these scales are an essential piece of kit for every fishing enthusiast.

  • Ergonomic soft touch design
  • Stainless steel weighing apparatus
  • Backlit digital display
  • 9V battery and neoprene carry case included
  • Weighs and holds fish up to 85lb or 40kg
  • Easy to read digital display screen
  • Ergonomically designed for easy practical use
  • Powered by a 9V battery (included)
  • Reads the air temperature in F and C
  • Zero function for accurate weighing
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