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KORUM Speci-Heli Kits

KORUM Speci-Heli Kits

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The Korum Speci-Heli Kits are engineered with practicality and convenience in mind. Each kit comes complete with a matt finish Big Eye Swivel, a feature designed to promote longevity and robust performance. This key component ensures a smooth operation, while its quick change attachment means you can effortlessly switch to your preferred anti-tangle sleeve. This adaptability affords a more personalised angling experience, tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

No more compromising on quality or performance. With the Korum Speci-Heli Kits, you'll have a reliable and versatile tool that's as passionate about angling as you are. Take your fishing to new heights with this innovative product that embodies the best in angling technology.

  • Provides a safe, adjustable rig for Helicopter setups
  • Paternosters, and link ledgering
  • Complete with a matt finish Big Eye Swivel
  • Quick change attachment
  • Use with your preferred anti-tangle sleeve
  • The Heli Bead itself is made from a super high-grip material
  • Can be fished anywhere on the line without sliding
  • Provided on wires, ready to fish
  • Four per pack
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