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MAINLINE F1 Sweet - 1kg

MAINLINE F1 Sweet - 1kg

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Dive into an enhanced angling experience with the Mainline Match F1 Sweet Fishing Groundbait Mix. This 1kg resealable bag of quality groundbait has been specially formulated to entice a range of fish species, making it an invaluable addition to your fishing kit.

This groundbait mix is characterised by its fluffy and sweet nature, a combination that is simply irresistible to fish. The blend contains crushed pellets and fishmeals, ingredients well known for their appeal to commercial fish. The mix is not only tantalising in scent but also easy to prepare, allowing you to get your line in the water promptly and maximise your fishing time.

A standout feature of the Mainline Match F1 Sweet Groundbait Mix is its unique sweet edge. While many groundbaits are primarily designed to attract larger species such as bream, F1s, and carp, this sweetened mixture does not overlook the smaller yet equally important silverfish. Roach, skimmers and hybrids will find themselves drawn to your baited area, attracted by the unique sweetness of the mix.

The strategic formulation of the Mainline Match F1 Sweet Groundbait Mix ensures that it not only lures the fish to your area but also encourages them to stay. As the attractants disperse into the water, they lure fish towards your baited area, creating a rich, dark base that encourages fish to graze over, and thus settle down in your catching spot. This is an especially useful feature when targeting skittish fish, as it promotes a sense of security and encourages them to linger, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

  • Fluffy and sweet
  • Contains crushed pellets and fishmeals
  • Easy-to-mix
  • Unique sweet edge to the mix
  • Ideal for silverfish like roach, skimmers and hybrids
  • Resealable bag
  • 1kg bag
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