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MAP Tks F1 Short Shallow Pull Kit Grey

MAP Tks F1 Short Shallow Pull Kit Grey

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An effortless way to increase your match fishing performance, a one-piece top section that's ideal for fishing shallow commercial sections in pursuit of F1s and carp, the MAP TKS Shalla Pulla Kit gives your pole increased, dynamic stiffness and rigid action.

This pre-bushed section features a large-bore PTFE bush, together with a pre-fitted side puller, and is designed to fit all TKS poles, along with many other makes.

The Shalla Pulla kit is also available in black.

Top sections are a quick way to enhance your pole's performance, which gives you an edge in the heat of a competitive angling match.

Pre-bushed, and already fitted with a side puller, this top section from MAP is ready to use straight out of the pack.

  • One piece top section is designed for shallow commercial venues
  • Great where F1's and carp are the target
  • Stiffens the poles action up considerably
  • Fits any TKS poles as well as many other manufacturers
  • Fitted with side puller
  • Pre-bushed with large bore PTFE bush
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