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NASH Air Force F40 13ft 3.75lb

NASH Air Force F40 13ft 3.75lb

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The pinnacle of modern rod blank technology, Air Force rods have been developed for one single purpose – to allow elite casters and competition anglers to achieve greater distances with greater accuracy than ever before.

Where every yard gained impacts success rate or defines match performance Air Force rods deliver baited rigs or spods to new limits.

Unashamed casting animals, the flagship Air Force F40 rod series are genuine 200 metre plus casting tools built around the highest specification carbon blanks and performance fittings available.

13ft 3.75lb

A specialist extreme range tools for those whose success depends upon vital extra yards. The longer, stepped up blank allowing heavy leads but retaining tip speed – vital to maintain distance in adverse conditions. Optimum lead size 3-5oz.

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