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NASH Ezi Drop Lead Clip

NASH Ezi Drop Lead Clip

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The Ezi Drop Lead Clip features a smooth rear stem allowing the lead to discharge more easily - perfect for weedy or snaggy situations. The two stage click fit body plus a secondary locking pin that ensures the clip remains attached to the swivel at all times for optimum performance.The front recess perfectly fits any size 8 swivel allowing you to use quick change Spring  or standard swivels to suit your presentation. Use with Lead Clip Tail Rubbers (T8752/T8767) for reliable performance and rig safety. Available in weed green and silt finishes.

Nash Run Clips are the answer to the ultimate adjustable zig end tackle or running rig system.

The unique curved clip locks into position under line tension but allows slack line to pass through it freely, allowing zig floats to be easily adjusted up and down and then locked in position at the depth required.

Used with bottom rigs Run Clips offer enhanced bite indication and ensure the carp cannot use the weight of the lead to eject the rig, but for the first time ever an end tackle offers free running line movement and still allows the lead to be ejected when tension locks it on the line making adjustable zigs and deep water zigging safer than ever. Each pack contains 4 Clips, Lead Bands to regulate ejection, anti-tangle Tail Rubbers and Buffer Beads that neatly grip size 8 swivels or zig floats. Run Clips are available in weed green and silt.

The Nash Speed Clip offers the simplest and safest lead clip arrangement, with no additional locking mechanism required. The fused body design Speed Clip cannot be separated from the swivel, ensuring any ejection force on the end tackle can only release the lead.

The one-piece moulded Speed Clip body can be attached by splicing, looping or

knotting, for use with leaders, tubing or naked end tackles and the integral quick change swivel allows easy rig replacement with no knotting required.

Available in camouflage green and dark silt finishes for end tackle concealment in all environments.



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