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NASH Flota Claw Size 10 Barbless

NASH Flota Claw Size 10 Barbless

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By popular demand an addition to the ultra sharp wide gape Pinpoint Flota Claw range – perfectly matched to Nashbait’s 11mm Slicker Floaters Hookable Floaters and 12mm wafter and pop up hookbaits for surface and zig fishing.

  • Updated patterns and advanced manufacture
  • Raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet
  • Same unique design as the heavyweight Claw pattern
  • Reduced wire gauge perfect for floaters, zig fishing and natural baits
  • Wide gape for improved efficiency when direct hooking
  • Apex angled bend prevents bait slippage and masked hook points
  • Lightweight for improved presentation with floating and slow sinking hookbaits
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