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NASH Stealth Controller Kit

NASH Stealth Controller Kit

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Stealth touchdown controllers with interchangeable screw caps for fast float changes without retackling.

Perfect for closer range surface work and refined presentation the Stealth Controllers are CAD designed for reduced splash and noise on hitting the water to prevent alarming pressured carp.

The reverse thread connection between the body and the swivel allows float sizes to be changed instantly – a smaller body for more intimate swims and larger floats for increased casting distance when carp back off the free offerings or drift takes the feeding activity further away.

Accurate casting, stable in cross winds and with two choices of reduced visibility finish in green and brown Stealth Controllers are essential in any zig and floater pouch.

All sizes of Stealth Controller in a single kit, offering complete versatility for surface work whatever the swim or conditions. Includes 3gr, 5gr and 10gr controllers.

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