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NASH Titan T2

NASH Titan T2

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Bringing the Titan strength speed and versatility to a wider audience than ever the Titan T1 and T2 are the perfect balance of form and function – with the space and versatility to keep you fishing effectively in all conditions.

The Titan T2 is the larger footprint Titan – comfortably accommodating two wide sleep systems whilst still leaving room for a Bank Life Bedside Station between them and enough usable room to make long sessions as comfortable as possible when fishing together.

  • 10 000mm hydrostatic head waterproof performance
  • Extended forward storm peak design to prevent rain ingress but maintain visibility
  • Tension bar and rain gutters to maintain peak profile for water run off
  • Supplied with HD groundsheet featuring fold back doorway protect panel
  • Extended frame for increased headroom visibility and session comfort
  • Internal vapour shield to reduce condensation drip
  • Central hanging hook for lights or insect zappers
  • Twin internal mesh organiser pockets
  • Two nylon/mozzi mesh rear climate panels with elastic tie backs for air flow
  • Entire front panel can be zipped out to leave the Titan open fronted
  • Letterbox storm door with PVC and mozzi mesh centre panels that can be used independently or in combination
  • Front panels feature storm/mozzi panels with elastic tie backs
  • Front panels can be secured with buckles and webbing for open fronted format without the entire infill being removed
  • Twin magnetic rod retaining straps
  • Super strong Titan centre block and fast assembly rigid frame
  • Flat profile back for maximum room with the largest sleep systems
  • Textured paint finish on ribs and storm poles
  • Supplied with 2 x storm poles Nash T pegs and carry bag
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