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OMC Bloodliner Dazzler

OMC Bloodliner Dazzler

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When the final pieces are needed to complete the ultimate jigsaw. The Dazzlers range is all about the intricate details that transform the ordinary to brilliant.

The BLOODLINER ALIGNER not only mimics the ever-faithful maggot, bringing attraction to the orbit of the Hook & Hookbait but also takes inspiration from the hooking mechanics of the brilliant Line Aligner, this DAZZLER truly improves the performance of any rig.

The BLOODLINER CURVE draws positive attention to the area of the Hook, but also allows you to create a very aggressive Rig presentation by forming along sweeping STIFF curve to flip and grab instantly as a fish engulfs your hookbait.

The BLOODLINER INTURN forms a STIFF aggressive angle around the eye of the hook to create very effective hooking mechanics for your Rig. The perfect compliment for the Spinner Rig or any rig where you want to improve your chances of hooking and landing pressured fish.

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