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OMC Surrender all-in-1 rigs Fuzed Leader Leadclip Cornello Spinner

OMC Surrender all-in-1 rigs Fuzed Leader Leadclip Cornello Spinner

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The One More Cast ALL-IN-1 Rigs have been developed to give you unparalleled convenience and efficiency in partnership with some of the best tried and tested META Terminal Tackle items on the planet. This set up not only offers you the supremely effective Spinner Rig compiled with the awesome OMC META Terminal Tackle range, but it also comes in conjunction with a 45cm Fuzed Leader & Pin Lead Clip system.

The Fuzed Leader allows you to easily loop to loop on Rigs when looking for speed & efficiency. The Spinner Rig Hooklink is recommended for use with both Wafters and Pop-up Hookbaits. A small blob of the OMC Blend Putty can be added around the Vitabitz Crimp nearest to the Vitabitz Spinner Swivel to counter balance a Pop-up Hookbait.

  • Surrender Colne V hook
  • Cornello long distance hookbead small
  • Vitabitz micro ring swivel
  • Cornaliner in-turn large
  • Vitabitz spinner ring swivel
  • Vitabitz crimp
  • 30lb kickback fluorocarbon
  • Blend 30mm tungsten anti tangle sleeve
  • Vitabitz pin lead clip
  • Vitabitz tail rubber
  • Blend fuzed leader
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