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PARKER BAITS Match The Hatch Pop-ups

PARKER BAITS Match The Hatch Pop-ups

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These hook baits have been soaked several times to absorb the same natural flavours as our boilies, Giving off a much stronger food signal than your free offerings. Whilst still maintaining an identical look, making it easier for those cautious carp to slip up.

As you know, over time, your free offerings (Parker Baits Boilies) will start to change colour as they release attraction and food signals. The key focus at Parker Baits was to imitate visual effects of our out the bag boilies.

Parker Baits Super buoyant, High-quality, perfectly round pop-ups are an absolute must-have.

  • Available in both OG Fish and OG Fruit & Nut flavours.
  • Available in 12mm and 15mm. You can use these pop-ups all year round.
  • These pop-ups will stay completely buoyant for days.
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