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PARKER BAITS OG Bait Spray - 50ml

PARKER BAITS OG Bait Spray - 50ml

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Introducing the OG Fruit & Nut Bait Spray – the latest addition to our carp liquids range and the ultimate edge if you’re looking to pimp up your hookbaits.

Containing our unique OG Fruit & Nut flavour profile, our bait sprays are the perfect complement to our already super-attractive boilies and hookbaits.

The much anticipated OG Fish Bait Spray is the latest addition to our liquids range, and in our classic OG Fish flavour.

Arm yourself with The Bait Spray to increase the attraction of your hookbaits, and in turn put more carp on the bank.

Designed to be hyper-concentrated in flavour, but incredibly lightweight, our bait sprays rapidly enhance hookbaits without compromising on buoyancy.

Formulated with a potent blend of flavours that make up our OG Fruit & Nut Boilies, our bait spray is specifically designed to increase leakage into the water and help carp hone in on your hookbait. More attraction, faster bites!

Whether you're using boilies, pellets, plastic hookbaits or zig foam, the OG Fruit & Nut Bait Spray is the perfect complement to enhance the attractiveness of your baits. A few sprays are all it takes to infuse your chosen bait, giving you an edge over the angler in the next swim.

Our advanced formula is engineered to provide a long-lasting scent trail in the water, keeping carp engaged and interested in your bait for extended periods. Our bait sprays can be added quickly ahead of casting or used to infuse hookbaits in your pots over longer periods of time.

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