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PARKER BAITS Pineapple Fluoro Pop-ups

PARKER BAITS Pineapple Fluoro Pop-ups

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Are there anything better than pineapple pop ups when you're trying to nick a quick bite? It's a classic flavour profile that we just had to include in our range, and the results speak for themselves! Use as single hook baits, over a scattering of boilies or as high-vis toppers.

When you're fishing with high-attract baits, it goes without saying that you need something that's potent. Our high-vis pineapple pop ups are exactly that. Developed using a strong pineapple flavouring, they give off long-lasting leakage to attract even the wariest carp down to your hookbait.

Sick of carrying around multiple tubs of pop ups? There's no need with our Pineapple Fluoro Pop ups which come in two of the most successful colours; yellow and orange. Chop and change until you find the one that's most successful for you.

A tub of pop ups can often last years, and the last thing we want is for them to start losing their potency. That's why each tub comes supplied with it's own extra flavour dropped. Use as and when you see fit to keep the pop ups as flavoursome as possible.

With the popularity of larger hooks and metal-heavy figs like the ronnie, it goes without saying that pop ups need to be super buoyant. That's exactly what these are, and they we're specifically designed to be used with some of the most popular carp rigs. Use them with a chod rig or stiff hinge with complete confidence that they will stay popped up ll night.

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