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Penn Vantage XT 7000

Penn Vantage XT 7000

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Penn has gone back to the drawing board with this superior reel, utilising an impressively rigid yet improbably lightweight XRC carbon infused body and rotor, a durable CNC Gear machined from premium metals for a long lasting life, and a Quick Drag system that allows for lightning fast switches between free spool and drag in the heat of battle.

It’s the perfect package for the discerning carp angler.

The real party piece of this reliable workhorse is it's accurate and effortless long distance casting. Penn’s innovative X-Slow Leveline technology means the reel can achieve more than 50 wraps of line per single spool oscillation, resulting in near perfection when it comes to line lay and extremely accurate, long casts. Penn calls this Rocket Spool Design.

No less that 9+1 sealed ball bearings contribute to the silky smooth operation when winding in or playing a fish, while the sealed drag is practically impervious to water or dirt interference.

If necessary, two supplied line reducers can be fitted to the spool meaning you’ll never use more line than you need.

This is a reel designed to deliver time and time again, made for those who pursue perfection and improvement in their carp fishing.

  • Strong and lightweight XRC body and rotor
  • Strong and durable CNC gear
  • X-Slow Leveline spool design
  • 9+1 sealed ball bearings
  • Quick Drag to switch between free spool and drag
  • Waterproof, sealed drag system
  • Aluminium spare spool
  • Two sets of line reducers
  • Available in 7000 or 8000 body sizes.
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