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Pole Mix was developed by Andy Bennett and Paul Holland and has accounted for thousands of match wins throughout the country. It is used by many top anglers and equally at home for those who just like to pleasure fish.

This blend of ingredients has specifically been developed to be used for pole fishing as an all-round mix for modern-day commercial fishing. Paul and Andy have spent many hours refining the ingredients using their vast experience so that this groundbait works as any quality groundbait should by catching you lots of fish.

They understand the technical side of how the bait needs to work in the water by recognising what the fish want to eat. The mix can be used in a multitude of ways, it takes on plenty of water allowing you to use it in different consistencies and you can even add more water to this groundbait turning it into a slop, which is excellent for fishing shallow creating a cloud in the upper layers of the water.

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