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Preston Carbonactive Supera Feeder

Preston Carbonactive Supera Feeder

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A full length 10ft rod that performs well in almost all fishing scenarios, the Preston CarbonActive Supera 10ft Rod gives you a casting weight of 30g from a carbon tip, through a CarbonActive blank that bends seamlessly, providing safe, smooth playing action that backs up a superb casting experience

Featuring a cork/EVA handle, and with a built up rod base that offers a comfortable, enhanced grip, the 10ft CarbonActive works well with method feeders and bombs, giving a good performance on both commercial and natural venues, allowing you to open up your fishing opportunities, and explore more angling possibilities.

Designed to give effective, accurate short chucks cast after cast, the Preston CarbonActive range of rods all come supplied with three colour coded quiver tips, offering fantastic flexibility and choice of quiver strength to help you up your angling game wherever you’re fishing.

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