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PRESTON Dwa Roller Pulla Kit - Grey - Deals on Sets

PRESTON Dwa Roller Pulla Kit - Grey - Deals on Sets

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When ordering the deals on sets please give us a call / message to check on stock before making your purchase.

Our DWA Roller Pulla Power Kits are designed to offer the perfect balance of power, stiffness and durability. Covering a wide range of fishing on commercials, rivers, canals or lakes targeting big, powerful fish. The grey Roller Pulla Kits have been specifically designed for commercial fisheries and avoids spooking fish when fishing ‘up in the water’ shallow, in shallow water down the margins, or up to islands. Lots of anglers are wary of using power kits for their fishing, thinking they considerably affect a poles stiffness and weight. Our kits have been constructed using the most up to date carbon construction and lightweight materials, resulting in the most versatile and balanced top kits possible.

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