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PRESTON Monster Xtreme Distance Feeder

PRESTON Monster Xtreme Distance Feeder

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Xtreme by name, extreme by nature! The Monster Xtreme Distance range of rods have been developed to cast huge distances with heavy feeders, while still having a fish-playing action.

All three models feature strong, powerful blanks which can propel feeders over 100m with ease while retaining a stunning fish-playing action. They also double up as the ideal choice for fast-flowing rivers where species such as barbel are the target.

Distance Seaguide guides, beautifully blended powerful quiver tips and long handles to aid casting can be found on all models.

Monster Xtreme Distance 3.8m

The shortest rod in the range, this rod is ideally suited to casting distances up to 120m. Featuring a forgiving, powerful blank this is the ideal rod for distance commercial-style fishing for Carp and other hard-fighting species.

  • Supplied with 3,4 & 6oz tips
  • Casting weight - 150g

Monster Xtreme Distance 4.0m

The 4m length of this rod makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of scenarios, whether it be casting distances up to 140m or fishing fast-flowing water with heavy feeders, this rod will do it all with ease! A great all-rounder for anybody targeting large fish with big feeders at distance.

  • Supplied with 3,4 & 6oz tips
  • Casting weight 180g

Monster Xtreme Distance 4.2m

The longest rod in the range, this model is a real beast! With a 200g casting weight, this rod cast feeders to over 160m in testing, an unbelievable achievement given the price tag! However, don’t let the huge casting rating fool you, this rod still features a progressive fish-playing action. It also doubles up as the go-to model for fast-flowing rivers as the added length allows you to keep the line off the water.

  • Supplied with 3,4 & 6oz tips
  • Casting weight 200g
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