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PRESTON Stormshield Side Tray - XL

PRESTON Stormshield Side Tray - XL

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The Standard Stormshield Side Tray is the perfect choice for feeder anglers. This popular design has several key features to help make it an essential product. 

The Stormshield features our popular OffBox Clamping Knuckles which are incredibly stable, so stable in fact that this side tray does not require a support leg. However if you do prefer using a support leg, the side tray is supplied with a knuckle to accept a leg (not supplied). The Clamping Knuckles are fully width adjustable to suit any box on the market. The Knuckles are supplied with leg inserts to fit a range of different leg sizes (23mm, 25mm, 30mm or 36mm with no insert). 

Internal storage is excellent with plenty of space for bait boxes or EVA Bowls, while the lift up lid also features internal pockets for housing smaller terminal tackle items safely. The Stormshield lid incorporates new Twist Grip arms which allows the lid to be angled wherever you need it to provide protection to your bait. 

The XL version of the popular Stormshield Side tray has all of the same design features as the standard model, but gives you more space. To help support this larger tray, a 36mm telescopic support leg and knuckle is suppled.
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