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PRESTON Superium X90 16M Pole

PRESTON Superium X90 16M Pole

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The pinnacle of pole design. The SUPERIUM X90 is, quite simply, the finest pole we have ever developed. Incredibly stiff at all lengths making rig control precise and easy. The SUPERIUM X90 offers strength and durability previously only seen on cheaper poles. A beautiful pole that is the true flagship of the SUPERIUM series.

The Preston Superium X90 16m Fishing Pole is a durable and reliable fishing companion. The stiffer aluminum make up means more control of your line and rig during casting, while still being light enough for an easy holding in any position at the bankside.

One of the finest poles Preston has ever developed, the X90 comes with a mini extension, match kits, F1 kits, carp kits, a kup kit, and a Superium holdall so that you are fully prepared no matter your fishing style.

  • 16m pole including mini extension
  • Match kit supplied in pole
  • 2 x match top 3 kits (3.95m)
  • 2 x match top 2 kits (2.4m)
  • 2 x F1 kits (2.4m)
  • 4 x carp kits (2.4m)
  • 1 x kup kit
  • 1 x Superium holdall
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