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PROLOGIC Fulcrum Rmx Pro Bite Alarm Presentation Set 3+1 Multi Colour

PROLOGIC Fulcrum Rmx Pro Bite Alarm Presentation Set 3+1 Multi Colour

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A feature-loaded complete set of three head units, with a receiver included! Carrying all the functionality you’d expect from a flagship product, along with some innovative added extras. Manufactured with a highly sensitive digitally synchronised roller wheel with a choice of settings. Coming with a choice of six light colours on each head, you can toggle through and choose and change your colours as you see fit. The receiver will then sync up, matching the order of lighting you’ve picked.

Fine-tuning and adjusting your rigs during the hours of darkness can now be done completely silently with the ‘mute mode’ function that disables the sounder but activates the tiny drop backlight beneath the roller wheel to give you enough light to make your checks.

The bivvy light on the receiver unit can automatically activate and illuminate on the take. Great for giving you a clear run to your rods in the night, without needing to scrabble for a torch!


  • Precision 3 stage toggle Switch
  • Up On, Middle Mute, Down Off
  • V 6+1 Volume/silent settings
  • T 6 Tone settings
  • S 4 Sensitivity settings
  • L 6 multi-colour L.E.D run light options. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple & White
  • Audible double beep drop-back alert with dedicated drop back L.E.D
  • 20 second latching L.E.D run/drop-back
  • Night light underlit roller wheel
  • Forward-facing snag ear illumination with Bite-Tec cancelling recognition
  • Mute mode with dedicated courtesy L.E.D
  • DSR -Helps eliminate false bites
  • 3 Stage twist & lock extendable snag ears
  • Anti-ring jam roller guard
  • Power out socket
  • Stylish metallic speaker
  • Metallic L.E.D surrounds
  • 15mm Black 4 Magnet roller
  • 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries (Not included)

Waterproof Receiver

  • Precision 3 stage toggle Switch. Right On, Middle Bite & Light Mode, Left Off
  • V -6 + 2 Volume Settings
  • Silent and Vibration modes
  • M Last bite/Memory Function with visual L.E.D for 5 seconds
  • True one to one bite detection
  • Bite & Light Integral 2 brightness stetting Bivvy Light
  • Pro-Sec Automatically sounds the receiver with flashing L.E.D when the Bite alarm is turned off
  • Pro -Sync Tone and L.E.D colours are automatically synchronised from the Bite alarms to the receiver
  • Waterproof
  • Operates with 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries (Not Included)
  • Range 200m
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