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RIDGEMONKEY Ape-X Curve Barbed

RIDGEMONKEY Ape-X Curve Barbed

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RM-Tec Ape-X Hook Range

Combining many years of manufacturing and angling experience, the Ape-X hook range has been designed to cover every carp and specimen fishing situation. Extensively tested for over two years, our state of the art manufacturing processes utilise the most advanced hook point technology available which allowed us to create a range of hooks that are unrivalled in strength, sharpness and point durability ensuring you can use the Ape-X range in any scenario with 100% confidence.

RM-Tec Ape-X Curve

  • Ultra-sharp Straight point
  • Super-strong Japanese Carbon 80 Steel
  • Straight eye
  • Forged Bend & Shank
  • Unique RM-Tec Gun Metal Coating
  • Long Needle Point with Micro Barb
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