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RIDGEMONKEY Armoury Stackable Storage Box 66 Litre

RIDGEMONKEY Armoury Stackable Storage Box 66 Litre

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Solve all your storage problems with the Armoury Stackable Storage Box. Perfect for storing and transporting a large number of belongings, these boxes are weather resistant and wipe clean making them ideal for fishing and outdoor items.

A heavy-duty construction and reinforced base make these boxes extremely durable. The tapered lid increases the internal height, allowing oversized items to be locked away safely and securely.

These boxes are designed to be stackable and nestable, with the base fitting inside the slot on the box lid. The lid between the 36L and 66L is also interchangeable.

Available in 16L, 36L and 66L.

  • Suitable for garage, household, and loft storage
  • Wipe clean product
  • Clip and lock handles
  • Reinforced corners and lid, ideal for stacking
  • Nestable due to groove on lid
  • Raised lid increases storage capacity
  • Available in 16L, 36L and 66L
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