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RIDGEMONKEY Classic XL Toaster Granite

RIDGEMONKEY Classic XL Toaster Granite

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The RidgeMonkey Classic Sandwich Toaster Granite Edition features fixed cool-touch handles, riveted hinges and a full utensil set that fits inside the toaster for easy storage. The square shape also means that there is less wasted storage space than with traditional circle shaped cookware. Despite the name, the Classic Sandwich Toaster is not just for toasties, think pies, slices, naans, wraps, omelettes, cinnamon swirls - the possibilities are endless. Our all-new granite-style coating makes our pans tougher, more durable, and offers improved non-stick properties taking compact cookware to a whole new level.

Available in standard and XL sizes.

  • Granite-style coating with improved non-stick properties
  • 1x fixed handle pan
  • 1x heat-resistant utensil set
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Sleek Gunmetal Grey finish
  • Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
  • Can be used on all traditional stoves and direct heat sources (not suitable for induction hobs)

Approximate Dimensions:

  • 395mm x 205mm x 40mm (including handles)
  • 890g (including handles and utensils)
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