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RINGERS Groundbaits, paste and boilie crush

RINGERS Groundbaits, paste and boilie crush

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Ringers The Edge Margin Mix Created mainly for margin fishing, with Big fish in mind, it's a heavy nut based mix with a strong nutty aroma. Steve designed this mix to sit on the bottom in margin swims along the theory that it wouldn't be moved out of the swim when big fish get feeding. He made it heavy to stop it being wafted away from the feeding hotspot, so giving the angler a better chance of keeping the larger fish within margin range.


  • New Ringers groundbait designed for margin fishing
  • Packed with fish holding particles
  • Heavy nut based mix with a strong nutty aroma

The Ringers Micro Method Mix is a groundbait that offers a high fish-catching power as it is heavily loaded with micro pellets which help to hold fish in your peg for longer.

  • Heavily loaded with micro pellets
  • Easy to mix
  • Easily moulds on Method feeders
  • Ideal for use on the modern commercials
  • Fantastic fish catching power
  • Supplied in 2kg bags

With 5 years of successful angling experiences and great feedback attributed to specifically this kind of bait, you can be sure to get that perfect catch with Ringers Bag Up Carp Mix. Proudly featuring a rapid breakdown rate, this creates a strong odour that the fish can simply not resist, so you can be sure of their taking some notice when this bait enters the water! This rapid breakdown rate increases the effect of the fishmeal aroma, spreading it further as the bait dissolves. Perfect for the angler ready to make the water work for them, this is one bait that will really deliver for attracting fish to your hook!

  • Strong fishmeal aroma
  • Light and fluffy texture
  • Golden colour
  • Can be used for Carp, Tench, &Bream
  • Can also be used to make paste
  • Winer of three Fish O Mania titles
  • Supplied in a 1kg bag

Ringers Dark Green Groundbait is ideal for use with a variety of hook baits such as maggots, pellets and sweetcorn.

  • Perfect for use in cold clear water conditions.
  • The colour of Ringers Dark Green Groundbait allows for all year round use and is suitable for a wide range of fishing venues.

The latest addition to the commercial fishery bait range, the Pure-Ground Expander is produced from high quality expander pellets ground down to produce a fine crumb. This creates a groundbait that can be used in a variety of situations for either float or feeder fishing. The natural brown colouring also allows for year-round use and is suitable for all venues and water conditions.

  • 100% Pure Expander
  • Extremely versatile
  • An ultra-fine crumb groundbait
  • Can be used on it's own as an effective groundbait or paste
  • Use it to enrich your usual groundbait or paste
  • Add to micro pellets when fishing the pellet method
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