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Parkfield Angling Centre

Saber Terrain Barrow

Saber Terrain Barrow

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You want a barrow that is perfect for a quick overnighter, yet adapts to a load carrying workhorse for longer session, right? Then meet our new Terrain Barrow, designed to meet and exceed your demands of any barrow.

The Terrain features an extending front rack which enables you to stretch the load carrying capacity of the main chassis. Plus, the rack is purpose built to house your bedchair vertically in front of the wheels, meaning the Terrain balances well for effortless transit. The extending rack is bolstered by a sliding support bar, which accommodate awkward loads and eliminates rubbing on the wheel.

The Terrain also boasts a drop-in barrow bag, so you can keep your gear close-to-hand, rather than your barrow. Plus, you can access the barrow bag’s contents via the top or sides, meaning you don’t have to unload your barrow to access your gear; essential when you need swift access to bait and tackle when fishing ‘off the barrow’.

The sturdy chassis features holdall rests fore and aft for flexibility, swivel feet, welded strap loops for total security, ergonomically poised handle and positive, comfortable grips.

Naturally, the Terrain swiftly breaks down into a compact unit, easily stowable in the smallest of car boots.

Weight 14kg

Dimensions when packed down 68cm x 68cm x 20cm

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