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The TX5 fits perfectly into the highly regarded Tribal Specimen rod range.

One of the best looking carp rods available, it is packed with the latest carbon technology and offers a stunning balance of finesse and performance.

If the look of your rods is as important to you as the performance, you will not be disappointed with the TX5, because they look sensational and will be the envy of others. And the performance is simply amazing.

Remarkably lightweight and slim, the powerful casting performance of the Intensify models will open up a new area to your long-range fishing, whilst the finesse nature of the tip action on all models inspires fish-playing confidence to fully enjoy the experience.

At the heart of the TX5 is a slim Nanosheet carbon blank which is reinforced with a 3K weave and also contains Biofibre for additional strength.

The addition of ultra lightweight PacBay Minima guides enhances the action and tip recovery speed when casting, ensuring that you maximise your distance.

And if that's not enough, a custom 3K reel seat and a 3K polymer Winn Grip handle complete the rod.

With its combination of looks and performance, the TX5 reaches new levels and has a feeling of quality that is so often missing in mid-priced rods.

  • Full Carbon + HPC + Nanosheet
  • Seaguide TDG guides (50mm starter guide)
  • 3k Carbon reel seat
  • 3k Carbon style wrapped tape grip
  • Safety rod stopper on handle
  • Intensity models (INT) offer ground breaking casting performance
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