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OMC Vitabitz Quick Change Ring Swivel

OMC Vitabitz Quick Change Ring Swivel

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We might be a little boring, but we're the core of every rig, often overlooked, but without us being absolutely brilliant, you would fail at the most critical time.

The SIZE 11 QC RING SWIVEL can be fished with the Ring on the Leader for Helicopter or Chod Rigs. Alternatively, you can use it as a join for your Chod or Hinge Stiff Rigs. The Short Hinge/Chod part can be looped on and off the QC section.

The SIZE 8 QC RING SWIVEL is the perfect choice when you fish with Helicopter or Chod Rigs and want the Ring part of the swivel on your Leader leaving you the Swivel part to connect your hooklink to.

Pack of 8

Sizes 8 or 11

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