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SOLAR P1 Pro-Loc Buzzer Bars (With Pro-Loc Thumb Screws)

SOLAR P1 Pro-Loc Buzzer Bars (With Pro-Loc Thumb Screws)

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The Pro-Loc Buzzer Bars get their name from Solar’s very own P1 sure-grip, 5-spoke knurled thumbscrews which cannot fall out because of our special mechanism.

They also feature our original Pozi-Loc Alignment System with the now renowned P1 5 Spoke' designer grip too, for easy and positive tightening and removal or alarms etc.

Milled flats on each inner section eliminate any movement when extended and 3/8” BSF threads mean they are compatible with all alarms and back rests.

Plus, high grade Stainless Steel construction and Solar design mean the Pro-Loc Buzzer Bars will last a lifetime. That’s why we engrave the Solar logo on them.

  • Precision engineered, designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Pro-Loc stainless thumb screw width adjustment
  • 3/8”BSF thread, compatible with all Solar banksticks and most others
  • Solar Pozi-Loc nuts for perfect buzz bar and back-rest alignment
  • Engraved Solar logo
  • Flat underside profile on the inner sections so that the bars can twist/wobble when extended
  • Five models available: 2-Rod Front 2-Rod Back 3-Rod Large 3-Rod Medium 3-Rod Small
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