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SONIK Sizzla Multi-Pan Set (Deep)

SONIK Sizzla Multi-Pan Set (Deep)

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The SONIK SIZZLA Mult-pan Set Deep has been designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose cooking solution and is ideal for anyone looking for the most versatile sealed cooking system on the market. The SIZZLA multi-pan itself is the lid for this system and can be detached via our strengthened D-Hinges to function as a separate pan. It is the perfect size for a wide variety of meals with its 30mm depth and wide rectangular profile which provides space to cook a whole host of different ingredients.

The deep base pan has been designed to function as a multi-use saucepan and is the perfect size for pasta, rice, stew, curry or stir-fry dishes. Of course, the system can also be used with the lid in place and this really opens up your options for cooking various dishes in a quick, clean and efficient manner. The system is also extremely portable with removable handles that feature our super tough and secure T-Lock attachment system which is low profile and allows the pan set to be easily stored in a compact cook kit.

Last but not least, the SONIK SIZZLA comes with a set of extremely useful muti-purpose tongs that are easy to store on the handles whilst cooking and can be separated into two independent cooking utensils when needed.

  • Lightweight die-cast aluminium pan
  • Heavy duty fluoropolymer non-stick coating
  • One x smooth bottomed frying pan
  • One x deeper saucepan
  • Removable handles for easy storage
  • Super tough T-lock handle attachment system
  • Removable spring lock closer for easy transport
  • Low profile hexagonal heat exchange base
  • Strengthened D-Hinge allows multiple pans to join together
  • Multi-utensil tongs included
  • Not suitable for use on induction hobs
  • Transport Dimensions W230 x D225 x H118mm
  • Assembled Dimensions W230 x D395 x H118mm
  • Capacity 1.1 + 3.2 ltr
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