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SONU Hard Pellets 4Mm (900Gr)

SONU Hard Pellets 4Mm (900Gr)

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Hard Pellets – for hard pellet fishing! Without doubt the most effective modern-day commercial carp fishing tactic, hard pellet fishing has revolutionised how we target carp, F1’s and many other species on commercial venues. With that in mind we wanted to introduce a no-nonsense grab and go range of hard pellets that can be emptied into a bait tub and produce the goods straight from the bag.

When it comes to hard pellet fishing, a dense, slow breakdown pellet is a must and we have further boosted Hard Pellets with the addition of our popular Absolute Fish Oil to aid attraction, increase consistency in sink rate as well as slow breakdown once they enter the water. Complimenting traditional pellets, each bag contains a sampling of red hookbaits an option that many top anglers recognise as a must have in their bait armoury.

Available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes to cover all commercial venue hard pellet situations and supplied in 900g bags.
Hard Pellets

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