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SONU So Natural

SONU So Natural

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Developed to be mixed straight from the bag, or mixed with the others in the range to tailor a groundbait for a specific day, on a specific venue.

Being able to mix them with each other was of great importance to all Sonubait's anglers, as natural venues change and therefore the groundbait needs to change to suit the conditions and the methods on the day.

Available as:-

So Natural Black

This dark mix is perfect for using on the pole or feeder on canals or over winter. It is a very fine groundbait with lots of very finely milled and sieved hempseed that creates a quite slow acting and dormant groundbait with low feed levels that binds well. It can also be used to darken off any of the other So Natural Mixes.

This has found particular favour with canal anglers and has amounted to numerous match wins on different canals throughout the UK and Europe.

So Natural Bream & Black Bream

A groundbait perfect for bream, skimmers and hybrids. It can be mixed up straight from the bag for use in a feeder or balling in on the pole. It has a high feed content including breadcrumb, ground maize, molasses meal and milled tiger nuts for sweetness. It binds well so it acts as a good carrier for other baits such as sweetcorn, casters and chopped worm and is a slow acting dormant mix ensuring it stays on the bottom.

Available in a natural golden colour or black for use in clearer conditions where it matches the lake/river bed better.

So Natural Lake & Black Lake

A very versatile groundbait, Lake can be used on the pole or feeder. It is quite active especially when mixed on the dry side ensuring continuous action. Perfect for all silver fish in lakes.

When freshly mixed the groundbait and its particles come out of a feeder easily, creating a good bed of bait and with the inclusion of lots of hemp, coconut and coriander this is the perfect combination for roach and skimmers on natural lakes.

Available in a natural colour or black for use in clearer conditions where it matches the lake/river bed better.

So Natural River & Black River

A heavy mix with strong binding properties means it is perfect for using on the feeder or balling in on rivers. Being heavy will ensure that it goes straight to the bottom before breaking up. A slow acting, dormant mix River is ideal for carrying other baits such as chopped worm and casters to the bottom or can be added to other groundbaits to make them heavier and bind better for fishing in faster flow or deeper water.

Available in a natural colour or black for use in clearer conditions where it matches the lake/river bed better.

So Natural Black Roach

Designed by Des Shipp and Lee Kerry, this dark roach mix is heavily hemp and coriander based, two of the best ingredients for catching roach. It contains finely milled hempseed as well as a mix of coarser hempseed for texture so it is a great mix for the summer. If it is being used over winter where a finer mix is required some of the larger hemp particles can be riddled off.

So Natural Sweet Skimmer

A beautiful biscuity mix with an irresistible sweet caramel smell. Perfect when targeting skimmers, bream, roach and other silverfish on natural venues including canals, rivers or Stillwater lakes or in situations where a non-fishmeal mix is preferred.

So Natural Deep Water

A versatile mix that roach, skimmers, bream and hybrids adore with a high salt content, sweet biscuit and cereal base and plenty of binding power, helping deliver bait exactly where it's needed in deep or flowing water.

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