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SONU Stiki Salted Caramel Pellets 2Mm

SONU Stiki Salted Caramel Pellets 2Mm

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Each available in a 2mm size, we have expanded our range of Stiki Method Pellets to include boosted flavoured versions of this fantastic product. Banoffee, Krill & Squid and Chocolate Orange Stiki Method Pellets contain a proportion of coloured pellets to match the stated flavour giving each bag a boost of colour as well as attractive scent. This speck of colour throughout the feed also encourages fish to grub around picking out those brighter particles, particles that can be matched up with a number of the hookbaits in the Sonubaits range.

We have two NEW additions to our Stiki Method pellet range. Due to the incredible popularity of our 2022 flavour sensation, Power Scopex, we felt a Stiki Method Pellet to compliment the range was a must. A twist on a classic Scopex flavour combined with our secret Stiki ingredient is a combination that Method feeder anglers are certain to appreciate. We have also introduced a Salted Caramel version to the range, possessing a beautiful salted caramel scent and flavour, they are certain to be another hit.

Mixing Instructions

Simply pour a bag of Stiki Method Pellets into a bowl, add 150ml (1/4 pint) of water and stir until all the water is absorbed evenly and then the pellet is ready to be used with a Method Feeder.

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