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SPOTTED FIN Classic Corn Pellets

SPOTTED FIN Classic Corn Pellets

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Need a quality pellet which stands out from the rest? These feed approved yellow pellets are made with natural fish-friendly ingredients, and the yellow colour holds well in the water. They are loaded with the Classic Corn aroma and attractors which are well known for their carp pulling power, making them a perfect match for the Classic Corn range.

Whether your pinging 8mm’s out to 40 yards by catapult, stuffing them into a PVA bag or prepping them for a method feeder, they are nice and robust and very atttractive to fish. Useful for both carp and match fishing scenarios.

Available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm pellets, in a resealable 900g pouch.

Classic Corn Mixed Pellets – with free wafters

Looking for a bag of mixed pellets for your fishing? Our mixed pellets are a great option for PVA bags, spod mixes, loose feed or however you wish to use them. What’s more, is that each bag comes with a free pouch of matching wafters!

Available in Catalyst and Classic Corn, these bags contain a mix of 2mm, 4mm and 6mm pellets, mixed and boosted with our reliable attractors.

With a pack of 10mm wafters also included, this pack offers you a good mix of bait to use throughout your session.

Available in resealable 1.75kg pouches.

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