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STICKY BAITS Floaters - The Krill 3kg Bag

STICKY BAITS Floaters - The Krill 3kg Bag

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Thanks to a unique coating process, which involves two individual layers, the Krill Floaters pulse out attraction and draw carp into your swim. These are not simply re-bagged pellets!

Using high-protein pellets as a base, we coat each individual morsel with a tantalising mix of soluble attractors, tiny food particles and fish oils. This two-staged coating process works as soon as you introduce your feed. The first coating releases potent fragments of bait carrying food signals across the surface layers, while the second works its way through the water column, hopefully drawing carp up to feed more confidently.

As an added bonus, the fish oils included in the coating process mean you do not require any extra oil to cause a slick during windy conditions. This ensures you will have the best presentation possible even if you are faced with breezy conditions.

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