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STICKY BAITS Pure Hemp Oil 500ml

STICKY BAITS Pure Hemp Oil 500ml

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Derived from one of the best carp baits around, Pure Hemp Oil is recognised as the principle attractor of hempseed itself.

As with the whole seed, Pure Hemp Oil has a rounded nutty taste and aroma along with a nutritional profile that rivals the healthiest cooking oils in the world. It is rich in omega oils, vitamins and minerals, all of which are required in a carp’s diet.

Hemp Oil can be used year-round, it congeals at incredibly low temperatures and so can be used even in the winter. Poured over spod mixes, boilies, pellets or stick mixes, Pure Hemp Oil will certainly add another dimension to your baited area.

  • Key Features
  • Premium-grade, cold-pressed hemp oil
  • Distinctive nutty taste and aroma
  • Perfect for glugging hookbaits or freebies
  • PVA Friendly
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