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STICKY BAITS Pure Shrimp Liquid 500ml

STICKY BAITS Pure Shrimp Liquid 500ml

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Pure Shrimp Liquid is an exclusive, super-soluble liquid that lends itself perfectly to use as a bait soak for boilies, pellets and particles.

This shrimp hydrolysate adds a rich, salty tone to your chosen bait along with an excellent free amino acid profile to further boost its attraction. Boasting a bright orange glow once submersed in water, this high-attract liquid not only acts as an excellent taste enhancer but will also produce an incredibly visual cloud when added to any spod mix.

As with all of our liquids, we leave them untouched and unmodified to ensure the product performs at its very best. Pure Shrimp Liquid cannot be overdone in a mix due to its thin viscosity and high solubility and its uses are only limited by your imagination.

  • Key Features
  • High in free amino acids
  • Super soluble
  • PVA friendly
  • Creates an irresistible red, cloudy haze
  • Perfect for use as a bait soak
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