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TRAKKER Tempest RS 200 Skull Cap

TRAKKER Tempest RS 200 Skull Cap

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Adding a Skull Cap to your Tempest RS shelter greatly enhances its performance. It adds additional length to the peak, providing more coverage in and around the door area. It also creates shade, greatly cooling your shelter in the warmest months. The dual-layer coverage improves insulation, greatly reducing the chance of condensation. Manufactured from enhanced Aquatexx™, this multi-layer fabric offers superior water repellency, breathability, and black-out pigment. The RS version features improved guttering and two magnetic rod straps.

  • Creates an extended peak to offer additional protection from the elements
  • Increases shade and keeps you cooler in the summer months
  • Twin-skin reduces condensation by creating a cavity
  • Rain gutter directs water out to the sides of the shelter
  • Easy to fit; no additional clips or pegs are required
  • Dual magnetic rod straps
  • Enhanced Aquatexx™ fabric; multi-layer breathable system with superior water repellency and black-out pigment to reduce light and heat ingress
  • Supplied with Aquatexx™ drawstring bag
  • Compatible with Tempest RS 200 (201430)
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