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WOLF PS60+ Power Station 65W

WOLF PS60+ Power Station 65W

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The Wolf PS60+ Powerstation, a portable high capacity compact battery carrying the very latest charging technology. With multiple ports for keeping a wide array of gadgets and electronics topped up. With options for high current fast charging, and the ability to simultaneously charge up top 5 individual devices at once. Including a USB-C 45W option for fast charging laptops and tablets.

  • 6Wh super high power
  • Uninterruptible power outdoors
  • Multi output port design
  • Smart matching
  • High current and fast charging
  • Simultaneous charging
  • Charge up to 5 devices at the same time
  • Super fast charging
  • PD3.0 fast charge for both input and output
  • 45W + 15W independent dual circuit
  • 2 device fast charge
  • Supports charging for laptops/i-pads
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