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WOLF Q 3 Rod Set Hubb

WOLF Q 3 Rod Set Hubb

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Wolf’s new alarm the ICON Q range and the HUBB receiver have military grade electronics, advanced features and plenty of new details and they are made in the United Kingdom. The design process has been an immersive one, taking years to develop each function of the ICON alarm and HUBB. The ICON Series bring new developments to the Alarm with Ultra Sensitive Vibration Detection with 8 Sensitivity levels, High Visibility Dual Bite LED’s with 7 changeable colours with forward and backward indication flashing on dropback, Adjustable Roller Wheel Detection settings, Auto Night Light with 7 changeable colours, IQ port that links to other ICON Accessories, Adjustable Volume, Tone difference Run & Dropback, Vibration settings, Extreme Range, Battery Level Indication, Fully Sealed Weatherproof Electronics, Stealth Mode and Mute and many more exciting features...

The Qi is the flagship model of the Wolf Icon range, it has a breathtaking range of features, not seen on any other bite alarm in fishing. All the Icon range have undergone long-term testing during development. Development which took place here in Britain, where they are manufactured, yes, manufactured in Britain

  • Vibration Detection System
  • Variable Detection System (VDS)
  • Transfer to roller wheels
  • Drop bite distinction
  • Shockproof
  • Clearly visible LEDs, in 7 colors, with adjustable brightness
  • piezo speaker
  • Car night light also with 7 different colors
  • Bite alarm port
  • Volume & tone adjustment, power off alarm & mute
  • LEDs light up when the line is pulled and flash when the line is dropped
  • Fully sealed waterproof electronics with battery level indicator
  • Secure rubber rod rest
  • 2 Beta Light slots (2 x 6mm)
  • Rubber cover for the sockets
  • Battery saving mode when in use without a receiver
  • Shockproof and dustproof
  • Instructions for use and 3 year guarantee
  • Hard case for secure transport with Auto ON/OFF
  • Bite alarm automatically turns off the Qi when packing


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