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WOLF SPB-16 Solar Power Bank

WOLF SPB-16 Solar Power Bank

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Wolf's SPB 16 Solar Powerbank has a built-in high capacity of 16000mAh and comes with an included solar charger that can provide you endless power! You'll be able to charge your phone or any other devices wirelessly, so no more worries about running out during the day. There are also wired charging options with the USB charging options for all your devices so you are able to charge 3 devices at once!

The Wolf SPB 16 Solar Powerbank is perfect for those who want to harness the power of nature. The built in solar panel charges this battery, which can then be used whenever you need a quick charge- so it's never too late! If the sun is not on your side, there is also micro USB or USB type 3 inputs.

The Wolf SPB 16 Solar Powerbank is a useful backup to have for your main torch/headlamp. All of this comes in an attractive storage case with micro USB and wolf two-in one cable, making it easy to take on any adventure!

  • High capacity Li-polymer 16000mAh battery
  • Compatible with most 5V USB-charged devices
  • IP54 Rainproof
  • Multi-Functional LED Lights
  • Dual USB output port
  • 1 Type-C output port
  • Able to charge three devices simultaneously
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-discharging protection & over-charging protection
  • QI Wireless Charging
  • Includes: Micro USB Cable, Wolf 2 in 1 Cable & Tech Case.


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